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Taking the lead in future energy development

“ SK innovation has led Korea's energy industry for the past 50 years through
ceaseless innovation and technology development and has secured global
technology leadership in new energy. ”

Partnerships with Major Global Automakers

SK innovation has successfully applied high energy density ternary materials to lithium-ion batteries for the first time in the electric vehicle battery industry for mass production. Based on such technological capabilities, SK innovation signed supply contracts with major global automakers, Hyundai Motor Group, BAIC Group and including Daimler AG has been expanding the electric vehicle battery business.

  • EV Projects, Ray EV, Niro PHEV Projects
  • Hyundia BlueOn, Ioniq Projects
  • BAIC Group EV200, ES210 Projects
  • Daimler PHEV (C350e / E-Class)

Beginning of the EV battery business

SK innovation developed its very first lithium-ion battery in 1996. Since then, our researchers have repeatedly pushed the electro-chemical boundaries of our high-density and high-nickel technology. We’ve pushed them further than we ever envisaged. Over the last twenty-five years we’ve also formed partnerships with some of the world’s greatest automakers. We have close to 60 years’ experience as an energy company and around 30 years in the manufacturing and commercialization of batteries. SK innovation pioneered the very first high-nickel battery and we manufacture the market’s leading long cells, fast charging technology, next generation modules and battery separators.

  • 1985

    Founded Technology Center

  • 1992

    Developed Na-S battery for electronic cars

  • 1996

    Began developing Li-ion Battery

2005 - 2012

A New Beginning & Technological innovation

SK innovation started the development of lithium-ion batteries for hybrid electric vehicles in 2005 and their production in 2006. In 2010, SK innovation was selected as a battery provider for Hyundai's BlueOn, Korea's first electric vehicle, and Kia's Ray. In February 2011, SK innovation was designated to supply batteries to SLS AMG E-Cell, the first electric supercar of Mercedes-AMG, the high performance automobile division of Daimler AG. As such, SK innovation has been widely recognized by major global automakers for its technological prowess.

  • 2005

    Started developing lithium-ion batteries
    for electric vehicles

  • 2006

    Developed medium-to-large-sized batteries
    for electronic vehicles

  • 2009

    Started developing batteries
    for electric vehicles

  • 2012

    Built the first assembly line in Seosan


Expanding the Battery Business through innovation

SK innovation established joint ventures with BAIC Group and Beijing Electronics Holding and, since 2013, has been supplying batteries to electric taxis and private and public electric vehicles in Beijing where the demand for electric vehicles are on the rise. Since 2014, SK innovation has been a battery supplier for Soul EV, Kia's electric vehicle made for the global market. In early 2016, SK innovation won a large-scale contract to supply batteries to main models of Daimler AG, which has proven again its technology and production capabilities.

  • 2013

    Established BESK in December

  • 2014

    Built the second assembly line in
    Seosan in January

  • 2015

    Expanded the first and second assembly lines in Seosan in July

  • 2016

    Built the third assembly line in Seosan


Leap to the global top-tier company for EV battery

Fitted with the complete value chain for battery production, SK innovation is enhancing its global status through partnerships with automakers. SK innovation commercialized and mass produced lithium-ion batteries applied with NCM811 and developed batteries applied with NCM9½½ chemistry, currently targeting for commercialization in 2022. SK Innovation has been expanding its battery business as one of the major future growth engine by scaling up investments in not only Asia, including hometown Korea and the huge EV market China, but also in Europe and America. Our long-lasting and stable batteries that are quickly rechargeable will become the new standard future mobility. With its bold investments and constant efforts to expand its worldwide presence, SK Innovation expects to increase its total global production level to 71GWh by 2023. The company aims to be one of the top 3 global players in the EV battery market, with the target of reaching 100GWh by 2025.

  • 2017

    5th, 6th assembly line(2GWh) in Seosan

  • 2018

    The groundbreaking ceremony for
    it's production plant in Hungary

    Began construction for battery plant in Changzho, China

  • 2019

    Developed batteries applied with
    NCM9½½ (1st time in the world)

    The groundbreaking ceremony for
    it's production plant in US

Stable Production Infrastructure through
Continuous Investment

Starting with the 100MW battery assembly line in SK innovation Global Technology in Daejeon, We completed a battery production system by adding a 200MW battery assembly line in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do Province, in September 2012. In order to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicle batteries in 2014 and 2015, we expanded the assembly lines in Seosan, securing a capacity of producing batteries for 30,000 electric vehicles per year. In 2016, we set-up a new assembly line to respond to the rapidly growing customer needs. In 2017, SK Innovation will be constructing a new manufacturing building in Seosan for full-scale volume expansion.

SK innovation's Battery Business Value Chain

SK innovation is fitted with the entire value chain for mid/large-sized battery production from electrodes and separators
(that are essential in batteries) to battery cells and packs.

Battery사업 Value Chain에 대한 테이블 내용입니다.
Material Product
  • 高에너지밀도 전극 이미지

    High-energy density electrode

  • SK Separators (Global No.2) 이미지

    SK Separators (Global No.2)

  • 셀 (Cell) 이미지


  • 모듈 (Module) 이미지


  • 팩 (Pack) 이미지


Battery사업 Value Chain에 대한 테이블 내용입니다.
For Car
  • EV (Motor only)

    EV(모니터만으로 출력) 이미지

    EV(모니터만으로 출력) 이미지에 대한 설명입니다
    외부전원, 급속충전기, 모터, 인버터, 배터리, DC, AC, 감속기

    EV is an eco-friendly vehicle without any CO2 emission. It can run on an electric motor and high-density battery without an engine. EV allows for both fast and normal charging at stations.

  • PHEV (Engine + High-output Motor)

    PHEV(엔진+고출력모터) 이미지

    PHEV(엔진+고출력모터) 이미지에 대한 설명입니다
    완속충전기, 외부전원, 모터, 엔진, 인버터, 연료탱크, 배터리, DC, AC, 변속기

    PHEV is a vehicle with longer distance performance as it is made by adding a high-output motor and large-capacity battery to an HEV. It can be normally charged from an external power source.

  • HEV (Engine + Motor)

    HEV(엔진+모터주행) 이미지

    HEV(엔진+모터주행) 이미지에 대한 설명입니다
    변속기, 모터, 엔진, 인버터, 연료탱크, 배터리

    HEV is powered by two different sources of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which makes it more fuel-efficient than gasoline vehicles and emits a significantly less amount of harmful gases.

  • UPS

    UPS 이미지

    Energy Source
    Operational Features
    Always on standby. Immediate, stable power supply in emergencies.
    Battery Features
    Long calendar life. High output, fast response.
  • Renewable Energy / Smart Grid

    Renewable Energy / Smart Grid 이미지

    Energy Source
    electricity, new renewable energy
    Operational Features
    New renewable energy sources. Efficient operation of electric energy combined with ESS/IT
    Battery Features
    High energy efficiency (round trip efficiency). Long life cycle.


High-quality Wet Separators

SK innovation is producing high-quality, high-strength wet separators that are applied to lithium-ion batteries,
enabling batteries to be highly stable and heat-resistant as well as long-lasting.

  • High-quality Wet Separators

    High-quality Wet Separators

  • Applying thick ceramic coating to thin PE material to enable thinner film formation, high strength, excellent stability, and heat resistance

    Applying thick ceramic coating to thin PE material to enable thinner film formation, high strength, excellent stability, and heat resistance

  • Heated at 160℃ for 1 hr, at which PE material shrinks and melts

    Heated at 160℃ for 1 hr, at which PE material shrinks and melts

Pouch Cell Technology and
Production Know-how

Compared to prismatic and cylindrical cells, pouch battery cells allow for lighter and thinner cell fabrication, and design flexibility fit for different capacities and space requirements for different vehicle models.

Battery Cells

SK innovation was the first in the industry to apply high energy density material to large-size lithium-ion batteries and succeed in its mass production.

Global Customer

SK innovation plans to reinforce relationships with current customers, including Daimler AG, BAIC Group, and Hyundai Motor Group, while seeking new business opportunities with other global automakers for further penetration into the global electric vehicle battery market.


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