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Business Value Chain

We offer the complete value chain of the petrochemical industry from
upstream to downstream and are preparing for future energy

“ SK innovation has successfully advanced into foreign markets, including Vietnam, Peru and the U.S., for development of crude oil, natural gas and other global resources. Based on advanced petroleum refining technology, SK innovation produces high-quality fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene, as well as fine-quality base oil, lubricants, basic chemicals, chemical solvents and synthetic rubber that have various practical applications. ”

Petroleum Production and Other Businesses


SK earthon

We explore major reservoirs around the world and produce oil and LNG, contributing to securing energy sources and promoting the economic growth of Korea that has few natural resources. Petroleum Production and Other Businesses


SK on

Our technological capabilities have been well recognized by major global automakers in the lithium-ion battery market for electric vehicles. We are also emerging as a global player in the field of information and electronic materials such as LiBS and FCCL. B&I


Institute of Technology Innovation

We make ceaseless efforts to enhance the competitiveness of existing businesses through technology innovation and create new businesses for future growth, so we can provide new areas of value for our customers. R&D

We continue our efforts to increase competitiveness of existing businesses by optimizing the entire operating processes from the importing of crude oil to product manufacturing and sales. We also endeavor to create future growth engines based on our technological capabilities we have accumulated for the past 50 years. As a result, we are globally recognized in the new field of information and electronic materials which include EV batteries and battery separators.

Petroleum Business

SK energy · SK incheon petrochem (Petroleum Business)

Crude oil is refined to produce eco-friendly and high-performance fuels, gases, asphalt and naphtha which is a major source of chemical products.

Chemical·Lubricant Business

SK geo centric · SK lubricants · SK incheon petrochem (Chemical Business)

By-products generated in the refining process are reformed and purified of impurities, which are then used to produce various chemical products and engine lubricants.

석유사업 / 화학·윤활유 사업


SK trading international

Crude oil and naphtha used to produce petroleum products are imported, and products of SK energy and SK incheon petrochem are exported.

SK trading international
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