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I/E Material

We produce high-quality information and electronic materials built on
chemical technology capabilities accumulated for over 50 years

“ FCCL SK innovation has secured both superior quality and price competitiveness in the circuit material business
by exclusively producing key raw materials and adopting better manufacturing methods compared to competitors. ”


FCCL is the key material of FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) which demand is growing for with electronic products getting smaller, lighter and thinner. FCCL is used as a key component in precise electronic devices, as it features great workability, heat resistance, elasticity and chemical resistance.

FCCL's Composition
Value Chain

2-FCCL Enflex® of SK innovation

Enflex® is a casting-type 2-FCCL made without using adhesives.
  • ㆍHighly resistant to heat, bending and chemicals. Great mechanical properties and dimensional stability
  • ㆍEasy to adjust properties by using exclusively developed PI* formation technology(*PI : Polyimide)
  • ㆍContinuous curing technology for competitiveness in quality and productivity