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I/E Material

We produce high-quality information and electronic materials built on
chemical technology capabilities accumulated for over 50 years

FCCL SK innovation has secured both superior quality and price competitiveness in the circuit material business
by exclusively producing key raw materials and adopting better manufacturing methods compared to competitors.


FCCL is the key material of FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board) which demand is growing for with electronic products getting smaller, lighter and thinner. FCCL is used as a key component in precise electronic devices, as it features great workability, heat resistance, elasticity and chemical resistance.

FCCL's Composition
Value Chain

2-FCCL Enflex짰 of SK innovation

Enflex짰 is a casting-type 2-FCCL made without using adhesives.
  • 냽Highly resistant to heat, bending and chemicals. Great mechanical properties and dimensional stability
  • 냽Easy to adjust properties by using exclusively developed PI* formation technology(*PI : Polyimide)
  • 냽Continuous curing technology for competitiveness in quality and productivity