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“ SK innovation focuses on continuous R&D
to stay competitiveand take the lead as a global R&D innovator. ”

Capabilities for the Future

SK innovation Institute of Technology Innovation has always taken initiative and driven changes. As a technology innovator, it enhances the competitiveness of existing businesses and creates growth projects for the future through technology innovation.

with Customers

Our technological excellence comes from changes that we have been seeking with our customers. We develop products and technologies based on our understanding of the field and the needs of our customers.

SK innovation
Institute of Technology Innovation

Our 600 researchers in SK innovation Institute of Technology Innovation, sitting in the 580,000m² area of Daedeok Science Complex, pay constant attention to the voices of our customers and work to develop new technologies that will lead the future. Our passion in the energy, petrochemical and material industries will help us create a bright future.

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