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CEO message

We will not stop stepping up to challenges and innovating for the future

We will become a green energy & materials company that drives the world

SK Innovation CEO & President

Kim, Jun
Dear Stakeholders of SK innovation, To all the affiliates of SK Innovation, for the past 60 years, SK Innovation has driven the world through petrochemical businesses and brought happiness to our affiliates. Thanks to the recent major economic and social paradigm shift around environmental-friendliness, SK Innovation has been pursuing full-scale and fundamental innovation that creates new "green" values while satisfying our affiliates' demands for sustainability.
We will become a green energy and materials company through
"carbon to green" innovation.

01From Carbon to Green (Green Anchoring)

SK Innovation is fully innovating our business structure with a focus on batteries. By anchoring on the battery business, we will expand our business to related value chains and completely transform our portfolio into a green company.

By securing large orders, the battery business has become world's 1st tier, and we will continue to solidify our market position by expanding into the global market and continuously developing proprietary technology. We will also be broadening into various other fields, such as battery-as-a-service, ESS, etc.

Meanwhile, the Lithium-ion Battery Separator (LiBS) has been strengthening our global leading position with high profit and fast growth. Furthermore, we will create new corporate value by focusing on the battery metal recycling business, as well as developing various battery materials.

02 Transforming Carbon to Green
(Green Transformation)

I believe that the issues with carbon must be resolved by the carbon industry because the carbon industry has the means to do it best. SK Innovation will improve sustainability and lower risks by innovating the carbon business.

For the chemical business, all plastic products will be recycled in the future and the ratio of environmentally-friendly products will continue to increase.

For the petroleum business, we will create a carbon neutral business model by converting to green operations and through the CCS business. Further, we will pursue energy solutions and total transportation service businesses to create and achieve environmentally-friendly innovations in the oil distribution sector.

With ESG at the root of the company's business philosophy, SK Innovation will practice ESG administration
during business activities and continue to achieve sustainable growth.

First, we were the first in Asia to establish and announce our "Carbon Net Zero" roadmap that integrated Scopes 1, 2 and 3 in order to strengthen our readiness for global climate change, and we will execute this plan to achieve our goal of net zero by year 2050 (or sooner).

In addition, under our social vision of "ESG Journey with All Our Stakeholders," we will pursue the happiness of all the affiliates of SK Innovation and
build an ESG ecosystem to strengthen sustainability in the community.

Lastly, in order for SK Innovation to continuously pursue change from "Carbon to Green," we will improve the diversity and independence of our board of directors as the leader and supporter of change, and strengthen its function as a practical decision-making organization.

By building a governance system that is in line with global standards, we will continue to perfect the ESG administration system.

ESG administration is the foundation of a sustainable future for the company and society.
SK Innovation will continue to improve our corporate value through sustainable survival and growth. SK innovation CEO & President kim, Jun

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