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We make social contributions in various fields including social enterprises,
education, regional co-growth and the environment.

“ SK considers maximizing the happiness of its stakeholders as its business value, which implies that all business activities have the ultimate aim of happiness. ”

CSR Objectives of SK innovation

SK is engaging in continuous CSR activities to make all members of society happy with the aim of
becoming a company that improves the value of life through social contribution.

Addressing Social Issues

Express our sincere consideration for underlying social problems such as the environment, low birth rates, aging, and co-growth.


Carry out CSR activities that encourage participation and communication, instead of one-off charities.


Pursue CSR models that create sustainable social value.

CSR Records of SK innovation

SK innovation seeks corporate social responsibility activities to address fundamental causes of social problems and create a sustainable social ecosystem where the disadvantaged can stand on their own feet, instead of relying solely on charities and benefits. SK innovation has engaged in CSR activities with a focus on social enterprises, education, regional co-growth and the environment.

Social Enterprises
Supporting social enterprises ’05~’15
Founding/operating social enterprises ‘11~’15
Founding/operating social enterprises in Peru ‘07~’15
Identifying and Supporting Social Enterprises ‘13~'16
Regional Co-growth∙Environment
Creating/operating Ulsan Grand Park ’04~’15
Delivering briquettes and kimchi ‘04~’15
Creating 'happy gardens' ‘13~’15
Essay contest on environment protection ’04~’14
Energy∙environment education for elementary school students ’10~’15
Hands-on experience education ‘12~’15
IPC Energy Class ‘08~'16
Children's Energy Magic School ‘13~'16
GT Science Mentor Program ‘15~'16
'Dream Sketch', Career Education for the Youth ‘15~'16
One person for one support account' campaign ’05~’15
Year-end Charity Donations, Promotion of Traditional Markets ’13~'16
'Table for Two' to Support School Lunches in Developing Countries ’13~'16

Social Enterprise Identification and Support Projects

SK innovation have made continuous efforts to create a sustainable socioeconomic ecosystem by starting with a job creation project in 2007. In 2008, we supported social enterprises, including Mezzaine I-Pack, Mezzaine Ecowon, and Grateful Hands, together with the Merry Year Foundation. In 2013, we launched a social enterprise identification and support project with the Community Chest of Korea, to help start social enterprises and have since provided business operating costs and consulting services to suggest a new business model for the social economy.

Social Enterprise Identification and Support Projects
Category 1th (‘13) 2th (‘14) 3th (’15)
Participating Organizations 4 4 5
Social Enterprises 3 - 2
New Jobs 83 90 69

Establishing and Operating Global Social Enterprises
(Yachywasi in Peru)

SK innovation founded and has been operating Prosynergy, a CSR-dedicated NGO, in the Pisco region of Peru in 2007. We also established Yachywasi (Yachay (Teaching) + Wasi (Place) in Quechua), an agricultural technology center to help Peruvian farmers' economic independence. We are also providing quality education opportunities to students from low-income families by improving education infrastructure in Peru through the My-School program. In 2015, Yachywasi provided training for about 800 farmers and expanded their sales networks to successfully attract over 2,400 new customers. We plan to build a third Yachywasi center in 2016 to propel the initiative to take root as a sustainable model. The My-School education platform is an online communication service that offers teachers, students and parents information, such as teaching methods and class materials. In 2015, 59 schools in 14 areas registered for the program, among which 30 completed the program.

Establishing and Operating Global Social Enterprises (Yachywasi in Peru)

CSR through Sports: Youth Soccer Association Corp.
of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

SK energy identified that the Jeju region has a relatively high number of amateur adult athletes and excellent sports infrastructure, including large areas of grass fields in elementary, middle and high schools. SK energy then planned a CSR youth soccer activity, supported by soccer-related organizations, companies and groups. The Youth Soccer Association Corp. of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province was temporarily established in 2014 and designated as a preliminary social enterprise in 2016. The association offers various programs, such as an annual youth soccer championship, a youth soccer camp, a soccer class for the disadvantaged, a talent development program, and field trips for instructors. SK energy will continue to provide support through social service projects, new project identification, and mid- to long-term consulting.

CSR through Sports: Youth Soccer Association Corp. of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Energy Education for Children and the Youth

SK energy signed an MOU with the Korea Energy Agency in July 2015 on business partnership education and has since operated an energy experience and education project. The project, jointly operated with the Ministry of Education and the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity, offers energy-related classes, energy experience programs - such as the making of energy facilities and characters, and other various education programs - to elementary, middle and high school students in four local energy experience centers (Yongin, Daejeon, Gwangju and Daegu) and SK networks (Ulsan, Incheon, Daejeon, etc.). SK energy provides energy-related lectures by its own experts who donate their talents. It also offers audio-visual education using exclusively developed content about energy saving, as well as a opportunities for children and the youth to take a look around business sites of SK. The project helps them better understand the energy businesses and develop their abilities to address energy and climate change issues creatively.

Energy Education for Children and the Youth
글로벌 사회적기업 설립 운영 (페루 야차이와시)

Hands-on Experience Education for Local Students

SK incheon petrochem is operating education programs for local elementary and middle school students. The programs include an energy class for elementary school students, with about 2,000 students every year since 2008, that features an education program and visits to the plant to encourage students to save energy. A job experience class has been provided for middle school students since 2015, allowing the students to visit the company to better understand the workings of the company and to seek future careers fit for themselves.

Main Objectives of Volunteer Activities

All employees at SK innovation make efforts to help address regional social problems by participating in volunteer groups. The main targets of our CSR in this area are children with developmental disorders and disadvantaged senior citizens who live alone. Our volunteer activities have garnered support and confidence from society.

Main Objectives of Volunteer Activities
Main Objectives of Volunteer Activities
Children with Developmental Disorders Disadvantaged senior citizens who live alone
Main Theme Social adaptation training for independent living Reducing social isolation and recovering self-esteem
Main Target Children with developmental disorders (intellectual and autistic disorder) / Special schools for children with disabilities Disadvantaged senior citizens who live alone / Disadvantaged senior citizens who live alone / Areas near business sites
Program Main Target Image Program Image

SK's Enterprise-wide 1004 Volunteers

In July 2004, SK innovation launched SK 1004 Volunteers, the enterprise-wide group of volunteers, to make volunteerism take root in the corporate culture. As members of SK 1004 Volunteers, our employees participate in volunteer activities as 67 teams across the country, including in Seoul, Ulsan, Incheon, Daejeon, Seosan/Jeunpyeong, and the Logistics Center.

SK 1004 Volunteers(67 teams in total)

SK innovation (17 teams)
Head Office
(10 teams)
(5 teams)
(1 teams)
(1 teams)
SK energy (31 teams)
Head Office
(5 teams)
(16 teams)
Logistics Center
(10 teams)
SK global chemical (7 teams)
Head Office
(3 teams)
(4 teams)
SK lubricants (3 teams)
Head Office
(2 teams)
(1 teams)
SK incheon petrochem (8 teams)
(8 teams)
SK trading international (1 teams)
Head Office
(1 teams)
Operating the Jeju United Football Club

Operating the Jeju United Football Club

SK energy is operating the Jeju United Football Club, the first professional football club in the province. The Jeju United FC originated as the Yukong Elephants FC founded in 1983, which moved its hometown from Bucheon to Jeju in 2006. Since then, the Jeju United FC has contributed to the expansion of the professional football industry and balanced regional development. The football club is also committed to the development of Jeju's football scene by operating a youth club with a dedicated field to football, and identifying and supporting promising local players.

Operating SK Sugar Gliders, Women's Handball Club

SK lubricants launched SK Sugar Gliders, a women's team handball club, in 2012 after acquiring the handball team that belonged to Yongin City Hall in 2011. In October 2011, SK lubricants renovated the fencing hall in Olympic Park into the country's first dedicated handball stadium as part of its active support for Korean handball. SK Sugar Gliders is contributing to offering the disadvantaged greater access to sporting events by inviting children and youth in Seoul to its games in connection with the sports voucher project of the government.

Operating SK Sugar Gliders, Women's Handball Club
Community Activities around Ulsan Grand Park and Business Networks

Community Activities around
Ulsan Grand Park and Business Networks

SK innovation created Ulsan Grand Park in 2006 and donated it to Ulsan City and it has since engaged in various community programs to deliver happiness to the residents. In the Rose Garden in the park, a rose festival is held with the theme of 'Ulsan, a gracious and warm city of roses', attracting about 200,000 visitors every year. The Forest Workshop in the park is a nature experience and learning area, which offers wood crafts classes in Korean and English and a gift-making program for the underprivileged with Ulsan middle and high school student volunteers.

Regional Co-growth Activities

SK incheon petrochem has carried out various co-growth activities with the local community. For example, the 'patron campaign' started in November 2015 to invigorate the local market and increase communication between employees and local merchants. The campaign encourages employees to use nearby restaurants for lunch and dinner and also purchase services and products at local stores, which helps vitalize the local market and promotes interaction with local merchants. In addition, the 'shop at traditional markets' campaign was kicked off in September 2015 with the SK Residents Association, to activate the depressed local economy and to help our neighbors in need. Through the campaign, local welfare facilities (including community centers for the elderly and children' centers) have been provided with daily necessities, which has helped vitalize nearby traditional markets.

Regional Co-growth Activities
Employee Donation Program

Employee Donation Program

SK innovation has been carrying out the 'one person for one support account' campaign to promote a donation culture, through which supplies have been delivered to the poor and support activities related to childhood cancer and emergency rescues have been carried out.

In addition, the company's cafeteria offers a 'table for two' menu every Friday. Employees pay 300 won per person to buy elementary school lunches in developing countries including Kenya and Rwanda.