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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors ensures transparent management.

“ SK innovation has a top-notch Board of Directors consisting of five Independent directors and two Executive directors and one Non-Executive director. They discuss and make decisions about major issues of the company as authorized under Commercial Law, the Securities and Exchange Law, the Fair Trade Act, the Articles of Association, and the Board of Directors Regulations. ”

SK innovation's Board of Directors have ensured transparent management, and as a result,
SK innovation was designated as the company with the best governance by the Korea Exchange and
the Corporate Governance Service in 2009.

Executive Directors

  • Kim Chang-geun Picture
    Kim Chang-geun Chairman
    Director since 2013.
    Chairman of the Board, SK innovation (Present).
    Chairman, SK SUPEX Council.
    Chairman of the Board, SK E&C.
    Vice Chairman and CEO, SK Chemicals.
    President and CEO, SK Corporation.
    MBA, University of Southern California.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Yonsei University.
  • Kim Jun
    Kim Jun President & CEO
    Director since 2017.
    President & CEO, SK Innovation (Present).
    President, Communication Committee, SK SUPEX Council (Present).
    President & CEO, SK Energy.
    Senior Vice President, Strategy Planning Division (executive director).
    Senior Vice President, Business Support Team Strategy Committee.
    M.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Seoul National University.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Seoul National University.

Non-Executive Director

  • Yu Jeong-jun Picture
    Yu Jeong-joon Director
    Director since 2016.
    President and CEO, SK E&S (Present).
    President, Energy·Chemicals Committee , SK SUPEX Council (Present.)
    President, SK G&G Promotion Division.
    President, R&M CIC of SK Energy.
    President and CEO, SK Lubricants.
    M.A., Dept. of Accounting, University of Illinois.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Korea University.

Independent Directors

  • Kim, Jung Gwan Picture
    Kim Jung-gwanDirector
    Director since 2018.
    Advisor, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (Present).
    Executive Vice Chairperson, KITA.
    Deputy Chairperson, FEZ Committee.
    Visiting Professor, Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering, SNU.
    2nd Vice Minister, Ministry of Knowledge Econom.y
    Ph.D., Dept. of Economics, KPU.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Seoul National University.
  • Sin Eon Picture
    Kim Jong-hoonDirector.
    Director since 2017.
    Honorary ambassador and chairman of the International Realations Commission, KSOC (Present).
    Member of the 19TH National Assembly (Trade, Industry and Energy Committee).
    Minister for Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
    Chief Delegate for the Korea-U.S. FTA.
    Consul General of the Republic of Korea in San Francisco.
    Passed 8th High Diplomatic Service Examination.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Yonsei University.
  • Kim Jun Picture
    Kim Joon Director
    Director since 2016.
    Chairman and CEO, Kyungbang (Present).
    Chairman, The Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea (Present).
    Director, The Inchon Memorial Foundation (Present).
    Director, East Asia Foundation, Seoul, Korea (Present).
    President, The Korea Chapter, Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization.
    Ph.D., Dept. of Chemistry, Brown University.
    B.S., Dept. of Chemistry, Korea University.
  • Hahn Min-hui Picture
    Choi Woo-seok Director
    Director since 2018.
    Professor, Korea University (Present).
    Advisor, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (Present).
    Executive Director, Inspiring Insight in Business Society.
    Advisor, Ministry of the Interior and Safety.
    Ph.D. Dept. of business administration, Michigan State University.
    B.A., Dept. of Business Administration, Korea University.
  • Ha Yun Kyoung Picture
    Ha Yun-kyoung Director
    Director since 2016.
    Professor, Hongik University (Present).
    Vice-president, Korean Chemical Society (Present).
    Advisor, Korean Chemistry Olympiad, Korean Chemical Society (Present).
    Director, Association of Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers.
    Exchange Professor, University of Virginia,
    Ph.D., Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University
    B.S., Dept. of Chemistry, Seoul National University.