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Procurement Policy

We use ethically sourced materials to fulfill our social responsibility.

“ SK Innovation is leading the efforts to create social value for greater public interest,
and ethical sourcing is where the efforts begin. ” ”

Ethical Sourcing System

SK Innovation controls quality of practices in each step of registration and evaluation of and purchase agreements with a supplier
to use only ethically produced and sourced materials for its battery production.

Implementation of “Responsible Sourcing Policy”

SK Innovation developed a “responsible sourcing policy” and manages suppliers within its supply chain based on its own guideline in an attempt to establish ethical sourcing system.

Supplier evaluation according to “SK Battery Responsible Sourcing Guidelines”

New organization dedicated to responsible sourcing

Membership of International Organizations

SK Innovation joined international organizations that recommend ethical sourcing and responsible
use that serve as a foundation of its ESG management.


Regular Supply Chain Management

SK innovation evaluates ethical sourcing of suppliers within its supply chain against “OECD Due Diligence Guideline” and “SK Battery Responsible Sourcing Guidelines” on a regular basis.
The company also manages its suppliers through independent audits performed by external auditors including the RMI.


Information Sharing


SK Innovation is communicating results of supply chain management practices conducted based on its “responsible sourcing policy” to its stakeholders including customers and shareholders with transparency. SK Innovation’s website and its annual sustainability report post and include these results.  

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