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We will become the No.1 global material specialist
through constant technical innovation.

SK ie technology will become a top-tier
global material solution provider with
distinguished technical competitiveness.
CEO & President of SK ie technology Rho Jae-sok

Thank you all for your interest and support for SK ie technology. SK ie technology established a foothold to become a global material solution company for information and electronic materials as it was physically divided from SK Innovation in April 2019 to quickly respond to a changing business environment by developing an independent management system and improving business professionalism. SK ie technology will grow to provide customers with different material solutions through its technologies by improving the competitiveness of existing businesses such as LiBS and FCW to extend influence in the global information and electronic material market and to accelerate entry into new business areas.

SK ie technology CEO & President Rho jae-sok

Business of SK ie technology

“ LiBS (Lithium-ion Battery Separator)
SK ie technology is the first in Korea and the third in the world to exclusively develop separators, a key component in lithium-ion
batteries, by applying chemical technologies accumulated over the span of 50 years and advanced nano-technologies. ”

Aiming to Become a Global Top LiBS Manufacturer

Our research on microporous membranes has led us to obtain multiple patents since 1998. We began to operate the first commercial assembly line in
November 2005, and have since developed and produced separators for various IT devices and heat-resistant separators for electric vehicle batteries
in nine assembly lines. As we are not content with our current technology progress, we keep striving to develop more innovative product
technologies. We aim to become a global top LiBS manufacturer.

Characteristics Purpose of Use
Electolyte Cathode, LiBS, Anode, LiBS
  • Maximized properties (high transmission, high strength, low shrinkage)
  • Consistent high quality
  • Improved battery safety and lifecycle through one- and double-sided heat-resistant coating
스마트폰 배터리, 전기 자동차 배터리
  • Smartphone battery, Laptop and tablet PC battery, Power-tool battery
  • Electric bicycle battery, Electric vehicle battery (hybrid, plug-in, EV)
  • Energy storage battery (ESS, smart-grid, emergency power, etc.)

LiBS Development Trend

Battery Development Trend LiBS Development Trend
IT Application IT Application 오른쪽 화살표
  • Thinner film
  • High transmission, high strength, high heat resistance
  • Improved properties using new polymers
  • Cost innovation through new process development
xEV Application xEV Application

SK-LiBS Structure

LiBS - 미세 다공성 구조(Micro-porous Stucture)

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“ Flexible Cover Window (FCW)
SK Innovation’s next-generation display material business has quality and price competitiveness by in-house manufacture of important raw materials and introduction of better manufacturing methods than competitors’. ”

Featuresof FCW

FCW is a key material for the flexible display.

FCW is a new material consisting of transparent Pl film and hard coating to replace the glass of foldable phone and car.

Bending of FCW for Foldable Phone
  • Flat>Folded>Bent
  • 3-layer structure: Polarizing plate>touch film>flexible display panel
Structure of FCW
  • Functional coating>Coating with contamination, fingerprint, and glare resistance functions
  • Hard Coating
  • Transparent Polyimide (PI) Film

Key Technology for Entire FCW Development Process

We can provide a total solution for manufacturing FCW, including basic material synthesis,manufacturing of transparent Pl film,
and functional hard coating technologies.

FCW Market

Material business for next-generation display
with a high growth rate

ㆍFlexible display market has a high potential for the changing form factor.

ㆍIn 2019, the company announced to enter the foldable phone market using the top-tier flexible display of the Korean and overseas, and the FCW is expected to become a key technology in the market.

FCW Capa.: Demo factory of 60,000 ㎡; Commercial factory of 300,000 ㎡ in stage 1

ㆍIn 2019 1Q, the transparent Pl film demo factory was completed.

ㆍIn 2019 4Q, the commercial line-up will start to run.

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