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Title SK Lubricants Join Forces with Spain’s Repsol for Domestic Motorcycle Engine Oil Market Date 2017-09-27
Contents * Partnership with Repsol, a top global brand in motorcycle engine oil (MCO), will allow improvement in expertise and increase in sales
* Far-reaching partnership from distribution to sales and marketing will provide real growth for SK Lubricants

SK Lubricants, a subsidiary of SK Innovation, will join forces with Spain’s largest energy company, Repsol, in a bid toward winning the local motorcycle engine oil (MCO) market.

A representative of SK Lubricants commented that SK Lubricants has signed a distribution, sales, and marketing contract with Repsol, one of the most esteemed brands in the global MCO market. The contract signing was conducted in Madrid, Spain under the presence of Lucas Angellini, the head of Repsol’s MCO business.

With this contract, SK Lubricants has gained full rights to the distribution, sales, and marketing of Repsol’s MCO products in Korea. SK Lubricants is also expected to benefit from Repsol’s technical and marketing expertise to build its own capabilities in the future MCO market. Furthermore, this contract is expected to contribute toward SK Lubricants securing its foothold in the local engine oil market.

Repsol is a company with a global reputation in MCO business; it has engaged in a partnership project for ILBOC lube oil production project with SK Lubricants. Repsol’s fame is built upon its sponsorship of the world’s largest motorcycle sports event, MotoGP, with its high-end MCO products.

Repsol MCO products will enter the local market from November, and will be available for purchase through the partner shops of SK Lubricants ZIC brand. SK Lubricants has stepped up their end of the deal by developing new partner shops that specialize in MCO and motorsport components.

A representative of the SK Lubricants commented: “The combination of SK Lubricants’ sales network and the brand value of Repsol’s premium products are sure to spell a great success in the local market” and “this contract will serve as a model for similar partnership projects that focus on the enhancement of our corporate value in future.” The representative continued: “With the success of this business, we will continue our efforts to a greater synergy across the Asian market, where the 76% of the global MCO demand is located in.”

SK Lubricants has released its premium lineup “SK ZIC Racing” at the end of last year, signaling its foray into the global racing lubricant market as the first Korean company in a market dominated by Mobil, Shell, and other global players. As the most prominent and well-regarded lubricant company in Korea, SK Lubricants has pledged to increase the number of the available choices in its high-end product line.