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CEO Message

Think Green, Innovate the world

“SK Innovation will become a Green Energy & Materials Company that builds on ESG management and creates the world's driving force around Green Business
SK innovation CEO & President Kim, Jun

SK Innovation will drive change and innovation in each area of
environment(E), society(S), and governance(G), as follows, to leap Green Energy & Materials Company.

01 Environment

Fundamental Innovation of
Green-Centered Portfolio

We will establish “Carbon Net Zero” roadmap for SK innovation to promote green transportation in all business areas, including establishing and implementing a Carbon Net Zero roadmap and strengthening the plastic resource rotation economy. We will also make fundamental changes in the industry, focusing on eco-friendly business models such as electric vehicle battery and material business, eco-friendly petrochemicals, and energy solutions.

02 Social

ESG Journey with All
our Stakeholders

We will establish an organizational culture that respects the happiness and diversity of members and strengthen SHE activities in all business sites for the safety of employees and suppliers. We will establish an ESG ecosystem by establishing and implementing specific tasks such as identifying and supporting startups with eco-friendly technologies and ESG management for supply chains to ensure that all stakeholders around us can achieve sustainable growth.

03 Governance

Strengthening the board-centered
management system that drives
ESG management

We will support board diversity, expertise, and independence and strengthen the board-centered decision-making system to establish a governance system that conforms to Global Standard.

We wish our customers, shareholders and their families all the happiness. SK innovation CEO & President Kim, Jun

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