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Net Zero

SK innovation starts Net Zero journey for the new 50 years.

“ SK innovation, which has been Korea’s representative energy and chemical company for the past 50 years starts Net Zero journey for the new 50 years. We will achieve Net Zero by 2050 and identify Option Pool actively to advance the timing of achievement. In addition, we will realize a true Net Zero by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from business sites and transition to low carbon business. ”

SK innovation’s Net Zero Ambition

SK innovation will identify and implement specific action plans to achieve Net Zero by 2050
and identify various options that accelerate the time of achievement.

Net Zero Ambition 이미지

Net Zero action plan

Net Zero Ambition 이미지

  • Scope 1, 2

    • SK Innovation intends to establish and promote goals by dualizing existing businesses and new growth businesses that are fast to grow. Energy and chemical businesses plan to find and develop high potential reduction technologies such as CCS and electricity utilization technologies to advance the time of achievement. In addition, we will convert carbon into a low-carbon-centric operating structure by reflecting it as an important management variable in the operational phase. The electric vehicle battery and material businesses are planning to achieve Net Zero in 2035, ahead of the international community's demand of 2050, by actively utilizing measures to reduce renewable energy early and eco-friendly fuel conversion.

  • Scope 3

    • Scope 3, which looks at the entire business process, lacks a clear guide and is difficult to achieve with individual company’s efforts. We plan to design management indicators incorporating the portfolio transformation direction pursued by SK innovation and establish the target at the level that meets Paris Climate Agreement. In addition, we will make an effort to shift to eco-friendly business and improve eco-friendliness of existing business internally and come up with measures to induce changes in suppliers, partner companies and consumers.

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