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Social Value

We create and share sustainable happiness

SK Innovation aspires to create sustainable happiness for our stakeholders. To this end, we promote economic values through the creation of social values and develop trust relationships by open communications with our stakeholders. Our goal is to become the company that “creates and shares sustainable happiness.”
We will keep pursuing value innovation to protect the earth we live on, improve people’s quality of life,
and seeking ways to coexist with local communities.

SK Innovation Social Contribution Framework

There are three major specific strategies to realize sustainable happiness.

Social Innovation supports the creation of the social economy ecosystem to solve social problems through innovative methods. Green Innovation outlines the practical actions to achieve a sustainable environment such as carbon neutrality to respond to climate change,
the issue of plastic waste, biodiversity, among others. Happy Innovation, which is driven by all company’s members, labor and management, aims to solve the local issues and contribute to the development of local communities.

happinnovation ( happiness + Innovation)
Innovating Happiness

Social Innovation

reating the Social Enterprise Ecosystem

Social economy discovery/promotion
Social economy partnership
UN SDGs mark :11,12,13,14,17
Green Innovation

Sustainable Management

Global warming response
Preservation of biodiversity
Establishing plastic waste circular economy
Environment protection for local communities
UN SDGs mark :11,13,14,15,17
Happy Innovation

Mutual Growth with Local Communities

1% Happiness Sharing (employees’ donation)
Employees’ volunteer activities (SK Angels (1004) Volunteer Group) > Focus themes: Elderly living alone, people with developmental disabilities, and environment
Mutual Growth with local communities and establishment of social safety net
UN SDGs mark :1,2,3,4,10
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