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We maximize value for our shareholders through value-based management

Stocks Issued (as of 21.3.31)

Unit: ₩1 million, Stocks

Stocks Issued Table
Category Type Number of Stocks Issued Total Face Value
Registered Common Stocks 92,465,564 462,328
Registered Preferred Stocks 1,248,426 6,242
Total 93,713,990 468,570

Major Shareholders (as of 21.3.31)

Unit: Stocks

Major Shareholders Table
Name Related Number of Stocks Owned Ratio (%)
SK inc. Oneself 30,883,788 33.40
No So-yeong Specially related person 8,000 0.01
National Pension Service 7,689,076 8.29
Total 38,580,864 41.70
  • * Based on common stocks
  • * Largest shareholder: SK inc.
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